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“ Dr. Hoffstrom took it upon herself to figure out a solution for my sleep apnea and recommended a specific oral device that her office provided.” - Levata Sleep Patient

Our Leader

Dr. Anja Hoffstrom - Founder

Dr. Anja Hoffstrom is an adventurous soul with a UP spirit, lost in the world of books and found amidst nature’s grandeur. She is a skiing, golfing, and camping enthusiast, building dreams with her husband while raising two incredible champions! Fueled by empowering others to live their best lives, this Mompreneur embraces her inner strength, creating ripples of positive change while leading her team on the path of greatness.

Our Team

Stephanie - Patient Liaison

Tranquility, Stephanie guides those caught in sleep’s embrace as the Treatment Liaison for sleep apnea. Her social work background empowers her to compassionately meet patients’ needs, while outdoor adventures and leisure sports fuel her spirit. Seeking solace in every sunrise, Stephanie finds divine guidance from Jesus. #SleepSolutions #SocialWorkerTurnedLiaison #AdventurousSoul #SeekerOfAnswers

 Laura - Office Liaison

Family-lover | Dog mom to Ralphie | Hiking enthusiast | Certified front desk liaison with a sprinkle of life wisdom | Master of customer relations, here to brighten your day. #FamilyFirst #FurryAdventures #CustomerRelationsQueen

Kristie - Outreach Liaison

Trailblazing outreach liaison for Levata Sleep, effortlessly bridging gaps and bringing comfort to all. Combining my first responder past, fueled by a passion for helping others. Embracing the great outdoors, chasing trails and finding solace in every stride. #RestorativeOutreach #SleepSavior #TrailRunningEnthusiast

Heather - Director of Marketing and Physician Services

Juggler of all things. Multimedia Journalism/Communications grad, PR pro, and marketing magician. Crafting connections between Levata Sleep, our amazing patients and their trusted physicians. Family, homesteading, and horseback adventures fuel my happy soul!
#BuildingRelationships #PatientExperience #DreamTeam

Our team looks forward to being Your Sleep Apnea Solution!